Door Gift

Here comes to my favorite part……creating lovely door gift from a piece of cake. And for you who are getting married soon or the newly wed couples, it might be the most important thing that you need to spend for these gifts. CakeStories will always give you the best ideas that meet all your needs and the requirements on which door gift is ideal for you to give away to your guests! Just leave us your budget and we will work it out for you.

For the prices , click here !

A) Sarawak layered cakes

These layered cakes comes with 2 different gift packs, either plain or decorated with mini tiny gum paste flowers topping……..just a simple and nice give away for your guest.

B) Mini Cakes

What i really love about this mini cakes are the different creations, designs,  shapes and of course the cuteness of the cake! It is just an ordinary cake but in smaller size and the adorable designs will be the talk of the town for years………choose it now and make your dreams come true!

C) Cupcakes

A cupcake –  known as a patty cake (Aust.) or a fairy cake (British) which designed and served in a small souffle cup/ paper cup with delicious and various toppings from buttercream or sugarpaste. Pick-up and let your guest taste it and it will be the deepest memorable function you ever had!

D) Faux cake

Another best chosen gift cake for those who need something different from others! It is a ‘real-like’ cake, made of sponge or Styrofoam which covered with a cement filler (plaster of Paris) and colored with acrylic paint. After all, it can be packed too and no more messy, ants or flies………a long lasting gift of ever!





4 responses

8 08 2015

can email the price for twin pax kek lapis sarawak .order around 1500 to 2000

20 06 2013

hai there,why there is no price stated for cupcake in your price list? can you please gv me the quotation for 1500 large cupcake?pls include box price also.tq 🙂

10 02 2010
Suri @ CS

Hi Ayu! thanks for ur interest!…Do click on the price list which stated for kek lapis doorgift and for more details contact me via phone or email…TQ

10 02 2010

hiyee..berapa harga doorgift kek lapis ni? kalo nak order around 1500-2000 berapa? do email me the price. thanks! 🙂

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