Silicone Pans and Bake wares

29 06 2010

It’s really fun to bake using silicone pans. And if you still remember that I will give u a proof about these silicones bake wares, YES!! Results were terrific! All listed tip and benefit were proven! Although these Silicone bakeware has been in use commercially for several years, I think it’s still quite new to the home market especially amongst Malaysians, might be it is slightly more expensive than ordinary pans (it’s may vary and depend on what brand you buy……..). Like anything new, I just want to give a chance to show off its great features.

Before move to next step – I really love this stage! No more greasing or parchment paper…..just pour it into the pans and start baking!

Mmmmm……they smells great!!  Chocolate & Buttervanilla cakes…

They all in shapes! Yeah…good enough for my first trial…

And these for our breakfast this morning! Filled with blueberry toppings (that’s the only i got in my fridge…..stock clearance! Hihihi), looks so great and you’ll tempted to try.

Special gift from him…..

18 06 2010

I  would like to thank my loving hubby who always support me and encourage me in my career….TQ so much for paying the bills each time my visit to the bakery suppliers!!  He really my moving ATM…..hihihi….And guess what, I selected these new tools yesterday….several types of silicone pans (will give it a try to bake him a father’s day mini cakes), beads maker, shaped mini pans and bla, bla, bla,..…. And for those who interested with these silicone pans or beads cutter/ maker – local brand with reasonable prices (I knew it would be quite expensive to buy Wilton brand, right?)….don’t hesitate to give me a call then….. Enjoy the pics!

There are many benefits of these silicone bake wares but I will not tell u more than what I’ve read through….Do gives me a space to try it first!

Benefits of Silicone Bakeware

  • Silicone bakeware is non-stick. No greasing or parchment paper necessary!
  • Pans heat quickly and bake evenly with no burnt or dark edges or bottom.
  • Removal from pans is super easy – a slight twist or gently pulling on the sides and roll out your baking.
  • They’re freezer, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.
  • Bake, store, freeze and reheat right in the pans.
  • No rusting or staining.
  • No need to alter your batter or temperature – bake as usual.
  • Cleanup is a breeze.
  • Lightweight and perfect for a camper or RV.
  • Storing is easy – although they do not easily nest, no special attention is required and they retain their shape.

Notable Tips for Successful Baking

  • Follow manufacturer’s maximum heat ratings.
  • Pans are hot to touch while in the oven but cool down quickly; use hot pads to remove them.
  • Using a cookie sheet underneath will provide stability even for smaller pans.
  • Always use a metal baker’s sheet or specially designed sled or rack underneath wider or larger silicone pans.
  • Wash pans thoroughly before first use.
  • Warranties tend to vary with bakeware brands.
  • Do not use knives or sharp objects – they could damage your pans.
  • Never use on an open flame or on stovetop burners.

Sources:  Baking desserts and housewares

Now… journey begins…..more new activities coming….wait for the next updates!

Reorganize Your Kitchen

19 04 2010

Kitchen is a large part of the home and one of the easiest areas to get cluttered. All moms know how frustrating they are when unable to locate the things we need during in the midst of finishing up a dish! Don’t have enough time to do it all? Well, I do write some of great tips and quick guide you need from my reading here – Smart Tips to reorganize the kitchen – (

1. Kitchen Cabinets – make sure you have enough storage space and don’t skimp on the cabinets! It’s impossible to get thoroughly organize, just invest in a medium to large-sized cabinet that will provide enough storage space for your utensils and cutlery. Remember, the secret to a functional kitchen is proper planning and using space-saving techniques.

2. Drawers and Shelves – these places should keep enough for storing cutlery, extra reserve of cereal and other essentials. Pin up a shelf with pegs that can use to hang aprons, tongs, oven gloves and others.

3. Clear the counter – Reduce the number of objects stored permanently on the counter. It needs frequent cleaning and it is your primary workspace.

4. Grouping in to Small storage bins – Items that are seasonal or meet a special need should be relocated to a small labeled clear plastic bin or small plastic drawer unit that can be easily accessed when required.

5. Toss anything you don’t use – Just look in your shelves….how many recycle and unused tupperwares, or when did you last use the utensils? Be honest, so, pass it along to a friend or relative or the simplest way, donate it to charity.

6. Clean as you go – When you clear one drawer or shelf, wipe out the crumbs before replacing the contents. Cleaning a little at a time makes it less of a chore!

So, this what I did last weekend……a little bit of forward thinking and care can help you to maintain a clean and inviting kitchen.

– hahaha…..My fondant and faux tools, all in one, a new apartment for them! Great visit in future……

Magic Sponge

28 01 2010

Nak ikutkan mmg lari dr topic kali nih, but the only thing in my mind is wanna to share to all of u out there, especially for moms and those who loves to do cleaning! Begini cerite nyer, satu hr tur kite sefamily g jln2 kt MidValley n hubby said,” Kalau ibu nk  msk Jusco ngan bdk2, abah nk masuk ACE jap! nk bli DIY tools sket”.., tp tanpa pjg citer, CS ckp, “x nak lah, teringin plak ibu nk tgk2 hardware kt situ”..(cz nmpak kemas, x mcm kedai2 hardware lain)…Jelajah py jelajah, CS jumper satu mende nih, sepatah haram CS x phm tulisannya, yg CS tau penah nampak mende ni kt dlm blog someone fr Japan, utk cleaning anymaterials – glasses, melamineware n porcelains.

– Ni lah dier rupe magic sponge tur, cekenit jer, kt dlm tu ade 4 pcs…

– Tarra!!! Bleh lihat sendiri keberkesanannya huh! Cam beli baru….betul2 magic…(dtg penyakit ‘jakun’ CS jap….abis smua cwn kt umah CS calit ngan sponge ni…wakaka) smpai anak CS pelik tgk maknyer tekun tul kt dapur hr tu…

– Jd slalulah berfikiran out the box…hi..hi..hi..x der problem kt dunia ni yg x leh solve tau! –

New Gadgets

25 01 2010

Last Sat, lps anta si kakak g sekolah (ganti cuti TBC), CS pun siap2 ngan si bulat n of cz my ATM……heading to ICCA, PJ nk tambah gadget baru…Biaser lar , kalau dh masuk tpt cam nie, satu hr pun CS bleh berthn – cam nk beli satu kontena, padahal yg nk di beli tur sebijik due jer, pompuan mmg camtu……Well, almost 2 hrs gak CS kat situ – itupun lps si bulat start ‘engine bosan’ dier. Thank U hubby for all these new gadgets (time kasih daun keladi, nanti bleh ler ayang mintak lg!)

– X sabor nk try guna mende2 nih….dh siap wat nanti CS bg view kt u all…Tungguuuuu!

Study Smart

19 01 2010

Orang kata, “kalau dh suka x leh nk buat aper”….bg CS ader betulnyer jugak kata2 tur. Nk kata CS ni mmg ‘zero’ ilmu dlm fondant  tp cz minat n teringiiin sgt nk wat homemade – how?? CS byk study mende2 ni smua dlm buku n internet. Nk amek course? Fuhh…mahal gak, kalau berkemampuan x salah…tp CS rs x smua org yg p course bleh implement – Insyaallah, satu hr sok ader rezeki CS attend.

Salah satu cara CS, invest sket beli buku2  (ujung minggu jer melepak kt MPH ngan my ATM bergerak  n my 2 kids) and bykn research dlm internet. Ilmu tu penting! Nie lar antara collection kesayangan CS cz dr buku2 ni lah CS start baca, study, practise n trus jatuh cinta…ahaksss!  Pas tur br ler bli tools, try n error (so far dh jd salah satu toys n gadget kesygan CS)…Alhamdulillah, practices by practices goes on and hasilnyer..jeng!jeng!jeng! – maner ader mende free kt dunia nih, susah2 dulu, br tau aper sebab akibatnyer kannnn? Well, sampai tahap ni CS still lg study – nk try wat figurine comel2 plak..And, pd sapa2 yg berminat nk mempelajari smua bende2 nih especially moms at home, pls do so, learn fr basic dan yg penting tips ni bleh membantu anda berjimat….Good Luck!

– ni lar antara ‘tools’ yg digunakn, include anak CS py ‘clay forming cutter’ yg dh kene cilok dek maknyer…(abis lar CS kalau nmpak toys dier dlm blog nih)

– fondant food colorings collection – stlh survey bbp bakery all over Selangor.

– Ni ler keje budak ni time CS kt ‘lab’…