Mini Cakes

New Year, New Diary, New Hobby! Arrgghhh 2010…..tight schedule and endless job comes when school re-open!….No matter what, I would spend my precious time to do this…hahaha….It might takes ur time to create this “miss little tiny miny cakes”; but it’s worth! I really feel stress-free doing this, and truly, madly, deeply,  I put myself into fantasy …….Scroll down n enjoy the pics!

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30 07 2011

wow!!canteknyer!!! bpe harge mini cake ni?? i nk quotation ek…tQ =)

31 03 2011

How much does the mini cake cost?
What is the minimum order?

9 08 2010

hye..can i hv the quotation of these mini much if i want to make order of 10pcs and how about the flavor?can i choose it or it comes in 1 flavor?thanks..

1 08 2010

slm…blh bg quo utk cupcakes & mini cakes 4 birthday…tq

28 07 2010


Can i get a quotation for the mini cakes please? They all looked lovely, sukee sgt!!

Thanks! 🙂

29 07 2010
Suri @ CS

Hi Sha,

Thanks for visting.
Kindly check ur email for the quotation.

26 07 2010

How much does the mini cake cost? How long before do you need to order?
What is the minimum order? Can we suggest the design? Do you deliver?


14 06 2010


how much does ur mini cakes cost? and can coordinate designs with u?

is it free delivery?

thank u


15 06 2010
Suri @ CS

Hi Yanah,

Thanks for ur interest.
As for ur request, kindly check the email.

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