3 11 2010

Alhamdulillah…..May Allah blesses us with a good strength and health! Caring with regular exercises and good food can improve our immune system, especially to our kids, make sure they really washes their hands properly to avoid a very-very super duper virus now….SUPERBUG! What is Superbug? Super bug is a bacteria of Antibiotic resistant organism as it is identified in 37 people who returned to the UK after undergoing surgery in India or Pakistan. This Superbug is as much powerful that it is resistant to most powerful antibiotics so UK/ British scientists passed a warning that it will appear worldwide. Researchers’ already passing warning about this Super Bug as it will spreads more where the health system is low which is not having adequate medicines/ antibiotics. Even though it considered being extremely infectious in nature, which completely resistant from all antibiotics known at present, we still can avoid this by maintaining our cleanliness.  InsyaAllah…..Stay Clean!!!

Yes!!! Talking about good-quality food, I’ve read a book during ‘long holidays’ last few month….. (Silent is golden rite??), and it’s more about brain food which guide you how to boost your brain power. Throughout life, our brain is the busiest place for receiving, processing, storing and generating all information, thus we need to provide it with the correct combination of nutrients, make it able to think quicker, clearer memory and maintain with brighter outlook! May be I’m the one who ignore it, that’s why I cannot start my blogging before…hihihi……

First, I won’t write much here, someone is going to zzzzz then! I’ll jot few tips on how fruits and vegetables in natural bright colours can boost your brain!

  1. RED PEPPER: The red colour is due to the presence of high levels of beta-carotene – a vitamin A precursor and has 20% more vit.c than the green one.

2. ONION: The yellow comes from anthoxanthins, powerful protectants      against free-radical damage – earliest known foods to be used as a medicine for colds.

3. BROCCOLI: Rich in beta-carotene, also evident in carrots – without it broccoli would be a much lighter green. When buying these, choose the darkest, greenest stalks on display and cook lightly – a cup of cooked broccolis contains more vitamin C than 2 oranges!

4. TOMATO: Coloured red because of the strong antioxidant lycopene.  Pick or pluck the reddest, smallest and freshest only is the best!

5. CARROT: The orange colour comes from beta-carotene, the precursor to Vit.A


Brain Food by OOna Van Den Berg


We still luv these!!!! homemade rojak…..


Ramadhan is coming!

22 07 2010

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar where all Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan; fasting during daylight hours begin from dawn till sunset besides performing a special nightly prayers called, Tarawikh which held for the entire month……This is the best month ever in my life!  We as Muslims are getting closer to Allah and whoever fasts or prays with faith and seeking rewards from Allah will have past sins forgiven. Besides, you will get in shape too for coming Hari Raya. Insya’allah….!

Talking about getting in shape, Islamic fasting is different from such diet plans because in Ramadan fasting, there is no malnutrition or inadequate calorie intake, such as those which are protein only or fruit only. Everything that is permissible is taken in moderate quantities. But, Ramadhan also said as the food festival month! In Malaysia, many foods stalls rises-up and ‘Bazaar Ramadhan’ are everywhere selling variety foods and drinks with their own specialties; all will whet your appetite for sure and be careful in our spending, not to be wasteful in this holy month!

I believed, all ladies, wives and moms start to scrutinizing magazines and recipes either to get ready for coming Aidil fitri or  just giving a try to cook special cuisines and meals for “sahur” (pre-dawn meals) or “berbuka” (immediate meals taken for break fast)……. As for myself, I really having full-day commitment, less sleep, rest, double job or in other words – it’s the time to be an iron lady!

Special gift from him…..

18 06 2010

I  would like to thank my loving hubby who always support me and encourage me in my career….TQ so much for paying the bills each time my visit to the bakery suppliers!!  He really my moving ATM…..hihihi….And guess what, I selected these new tools yesterday….several types of silicone pans (will give it a try to bake him a father’s day mini cakes), beads maker, shaped mini pans and bla, bla, bla,..…. And for those who interested with these silicone pans or beads cutter/ maker – local brand with reasonable prices (I knew it would be quite expensive to buy Wilton brand, right?)….don’t hesitate to give me a call then….. Enjoy the pics!

There are many benefits of these silicone bake wares but I will not tell u more than what I’ve read through….Do gives me a space to try it first!

Benefits of Silicone Bakeware

  • Silicone bakeware is non-stick. No greasing or parchment paper necessary!
  • Pans heat quickly and bake evenly with no burnt or dark edges or bottom.
  • Removal from pans is super easy – a slight twist or gently pulling on the sides and roll out your baking.
  • They’re freezer, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.
  • Bake, store, freeze and reheat right in the pans.
  • No rusting or staining.
  • No need to alter your batter or temperature – bake as usual.
  • Cleanup is a breeze.
  • Lightweight and perfect for a camper or RV.
  • Storing is easy – although they do not easily nest, no special attention is required and they retain their shape.

Notable Tips for Successful Baking

  • Follow manufacturer’s maximum heat ratings.
  • Pans are hot to touch while in the oven but cool down quickly; use hot pads to remove them.
  • Using a cookie sheet underneath will provide stability even for smaller pans.
  • Always use a metal baker’s sheet or specially designed sled or rack underneath wider or larger silicone pans.
  • Wash pans thoroughly before first use.
  • Warranties tend to vary with bakeware brands.
  • Do not use knives or sharp objects – they could damage your pans.
  • Never use on an open flame or on stovetop burners.

Sources:  Baking desserts and housewares

Now… journey begins…..more new activities coming….wait for the next updates!

A Family Getaway…..

18 06 2010

Planning a budget trip for the family might not be as hard as u think. All u need are some patience, time and resourcefulness…As for me, to hang on the apron and close the ‘lab’ for a few days during the school holidays takes just a few minutes to think…..with good schedule and arrangement will  help u to stop ur routine and pamper urself! I knew that bakers out there might have a tight schedule to cope with weddings, parties and many more activities……..and of course it earn a lot!

Here are 4 easy steps on how u can plan an ideal budget for the whole family, it’s really save!

1. Travel to Local Destination

We are lucky for Malaysia is blessed with a myriad of beautiful holiday destinations. It helps our local economy out and spends in to local destination! Not only significantly cheaper than traveling overseas, it also require a shorter travel time, especially for those with young children…even myself had a difficulties to stop them from keep on mumbling and asking….are we there yet? Are we there yet? How long do we have to reach there? hihihi…..

2. Bring everything U need (Save-travel mini sizes pack)

Make a list of things u need to bring along in case u forget, especially toiletries. It might cost u a fair bit to buy at travel destinations.  Make sure u just brings only necessary and suitable costume for all there!

3. Eat Cheap!

This is the best part for me when we had a holiday journey! Whatever it is, I prefer to cook my own simple meals like sandwiches, self-made nuggets or ready made nuggets, burgers, fried chickens, healthy snacks such as peanuts with raisins and most important thing I would pack together is my ‘little fridge’ – Mr. cooler (this is one of the tip to move my kids attention from quarrelling and mumbling – having a cool and nice drinks during the trip!…hahaha)… It is more comfortable for me to bring plain waters than buy it from the petrol stations along the highway. For sure homemade food is safer, cleaner and of cz better food, and perhaps we just have to eat outside on the 2nd day at the hotel area.

4. Cut down On Souvenirs

You don’t need to get a gift for everyone in the office or neighbours when u travel… Identify those whom u really want to give ur thanks to for watering ur plants, holding the fort at the office when u’re on vacation or drove u to the airport! Buy souvenirs in bulk for a better price.

………Assure u a stress-free, fun-filled holiday for everyone especially to ur family

Reorganize Your Kitchen

19 04 2010

Kitchen is a large part of the home and one of the easiest areas to get cluttered. All moms know how frustrating they are when unable to locate the things we need during in the midst of finishing up a dish! Don’t have enough time to do it all? Well, I do write some of great tips and quick guide you need from my reading here – Smart Tips to reorganize the kitchen – (

1. Kitchen Cabinets – make sure you have enough storage space and don’t skimp on the cabinets! It’s impossible to get thoroughly organize, just invest in a medium to large-sized cabinet that will provide enough storage space for your utensils and cutlery. Remember, the secret to a functional kitchen is proper planning and using space-saving techniques.

2. Drawers and Shelves – these places should keep enough for storing cutlery, extra reserve of cereal and other essentials. Pin up a shelf with pegs that can use to hang aprons, tongs, oven gloves and others.

3. Clear the counter – Reduce the number of objects stored permanently on the counter. It needs frequent cleaning and it is your primary workspace.

4. Grouping in to Small storage bins – Items that are seasonal or meet a special need should be relocated to a small labeled clear plastic bin or small plastic drawer unit that can be easily accessed when required.

5. Toss anything you don’t use – Just look in your shelves….how many recycle and unused tupperwares, or when did you last use the utensils? Be honest, so, pass it along to a friend or relative or the simplest way, donate it to charity.

6. Clean as you go – When you clear one drawer or shelf, wipe out the crumbs before replacing the contents. Cleaning a little at a time makes it less of a chore!

So, this what I did last weekend……a little bit of forward thinking and care can help you to maintain a clean and inviting kitchen.

– hahaha…..My fondant and faux tools, all in one, a new apartment for them! Great visit in future……

Muffins & Cupcakes of the day

31 03 2010

Muffins or cupcakes are made by folding the ‘wet’ ingredients (eggs, melted butter, milk & etc) into the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder & dried fruits). Do you know that cupcakes or muffins are best served freshly baked! However, if making ahead, they’ll keep well in airtight container for 24 hours, but if keeping them for more than a couple of days, it’s best to freeze them. Last weekend, I made few cups of chocolate muffins, mix fruits and carrot walnut cuppies for the kiddos….Enjoy the pics

Super Foods For Your Kids….

31 03 2010

Have mommies facing these situations??……”I don’t like the greenish on my plate!”; “can i have the candies???”; “I wanna ice-cream! I wanna ice-cream!” ……..and you will keep on yelling NO to this, NO to that!

Babies & toddlers can be very fussy eaters. Promote your child with the healthy picks by supplying the basic components of our diet – carbohydrates, protein and fat. Even myself hardly to get my kids having all those complete diet but ensure they get at least two servings of the supplement daily. These roles vary from boosting energy and brain power to preventing illness and even repairing damages. In any diet, whether child or adult should get eating lots of fruits and vegetables. So here are some of the tips to train your child taste buds!

1. Fruits & Vegetables (Vitamins, minerals & dietary-fiber)

– Not all the toddlers would have the greenish on their snack plate. Parents plays role to create creative ways to decorate their meals! And what I usually do is filling the scramble eggs with grated carrots for a sandwich. Or just add-in their scones with dried mix fruits and spread with blended cheesy spinach! And even you can serve them well with fresh mix vege & fruits with Malaysian garnish….

– Scones spread with blended spinach! Really -really a mouth watering meals of the day!

-hmmmm……so yummy!! Bright colors would perhaps attract the kids to eat!

2. Whole Grains (Fibre & Vitamin E)

– Whole grains are typically fortified with folic acid, Vit.B, D, Iron, zinc and sometimes calcium too. Oats are one of the most familiar hot cereals for kids and nutritious grain for the brain. Take note that oats provide excellent energy or fuel for the brain that kids need first thing in and fed all morning at school. Simple cereals to give with sliced banana for breakfast…

3. Nuts and seeds (Good fats, fiber, protein, Omega3 & 6 oils, minerals – magnesium & potassium)

– Luckily I didn’t have any problem in this serving… kids are nuts hunger! Since I am a baker, there always packed of variety nuts in my keepers for them.  According to an Australian nutritionist, a handful of almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds or walnuts are ideal super food as a mid-morning snack. Change their habits of taking junk-food with any of these combination ………Or just baked them cuppies like this!

– Carrot walnut cupcakes with cream cheese toppers…..

4. Dairy (Rich in calcium)

– Rich in calcium is a key ingredient for strong bones and teeth, healthy heart and nervous system. Certain dairy product such as yogurt and milk also contain protein, Vit.A, B12, riboflavin and magnesium. Well, fed your kids well enough with this which can help promote their inner health.

All is yours to change their habits! Good luck!