About us

We serves & create for U what U dream of….., a freshly halal homemade baked and you will be tempted to try as they are all mouth watering for any special occasions ~ Birthday parties, weddings, festive treats, baby showers or just for your eating out day!! Good food can be tasted but not explained……..

CAKE‘S STORIES serves you with variety homemade pastry product selections such as cakes, muffins, cupcakes, Sarawak layered cakes and we even catered for any seasonal and family celebration, or parties for your kids big day with a great budget….Own by a great iron-lady mom, she really enjoy this baking-biz as she loves all aspect of baking, creating cakes, sugar arts and it’s buttery taste which will whet your appetite for sure!

The easiest way to celebrate your day & your loved ones…….just dial the numbers and it will deliver to your door. Have fun and if u desired to be our fans, just click

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1 10 2011


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