Welcome to Cakestories photo collection for Hantaran – Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary and proposal categories which means a ‘heart to heart’ gift for your soul partner……suit for your wedding, engagement or even on your anniversary! Your wedding and celebration is all about you, and we shall designed the best which will suit your needs, inclusive the theme of the day and also designs….even with a great budget!

♥   Anniversary

Theme of the day still in combination colors of bright red, white and pink which full of romantic designs with hearts, laces, crochets and roses on layered cakes!


Garden of roses  – create ways to fulfill the theme of pink and white on layered cakes again! Hearty sugar-box for the bride to be……

Wedding proposal….

Combination of pink and white daisies for a proposal. Masam manis layered cake still suit for it……

  • Pink n White Daisies

♥ Cakes design selections…..

  • White n pink laces

  • White n Turquoise crochet

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