Silicone Pans and Bake wares

29 06 2010

It’s really fun to bake using silicone pans. And if you still remember that I will give u a proof about these silicones bake wares, YES!! Results were terrific! All listed tip and benefit were proven! Although these Silicone bakeware has been in use commercially for several years, I think it’s still quite new to the home market especially amongst Malaysians, might be it is slightly more expensive than ordinary pans (it’s may vary and depend on what brand you buy……..). Like anything new, I just want to give a chance to show off its great features.

Before move to next step – I really love this stage! No more greasing or parchment paper…..just pour it into the pans and start baking!

Mmmmm……they smells great!!  Chocolate & Buttervanilla cakes…

They all in shapes! Yeah…good enough for my first trial…

And these for our breakfast this morning! Filled with blueberry toppings (that’s the only i got in my fridge…..stock clearance! Hihihi), looks so great and you’ll tempted to try.

It’s all from breads……

31 03 2010

How many of you always left a few bread slices in the plastic? Either you just dump it due to expiry date or even throw it to fed fishes or tortoise in the pond as what I did before……If you’re creative enough, you can serve your family with just a twist recipe from these breads! I’m often thinking of what for breakfast during schooldays….and this is a new version of a healthy wealthy meal! Apple fruity bread pie, tasty, healthy, a delightful food to enjoy and no more wasteful activity..hahaha…– why don’t you have a try???


A: 6 breads
   1 tbsp sugar
   1 box of  UHT milk
   2 tbsp butter
   2 large eggs
   1 tsp baking  powder
B: Handful of dried mix fruits
   2 red  apples (diced)
   Mozzarella cheese
  1. Mix all ingredients in A together into a food processor or just blend it well till firm.
  2. Remove the mixture, put into a bowl & mix in the B ingredients except cheese.
  3. Stir occasionally and divide the cake mixture between the paper cases (I use ~ 8 pcs 5.5oz soufflé cups)
  4. Garnish with cheese on top of it & bake in preheated oven, 120oC till lightly brown.

Breakfast & Dinner

3 02 2010

Hmmm…miss me?? Bukan ape…quite bz with all my dearies…since CS still in the midst of preparing stuffs for another special request from CS’s bestfriend this coming  CNY, CS work out in the lab making ‘mouth watering’ F&B! Atau dlm erti kata lain – masak memasak…hi..hi..hi..Minta maaf ler, CS py entries ni byk guna ayat2 rojak, kejap omputih, kejap melayu, jawa n etc…saje nk pelbagaikan! So, latest project CS wat mender ni utk bfast pg td – Beef Custard Pasta Pie…layannnn…

– ni keadaan deme sblm masuk sauna (kene amek gambor ms gini, takut nanti x sempat make-up dh kene ngappp!)

– alhamdulillah, after 15 mins – Nyam! Nyam! Pas ni  mmg x sempat sampai ke mana2 (sejuk jer mamam!)

Dan kt bwh ni, dish last nite….Dried fruits Chicky….(Masuk jer apa2 yg patut, nk cepat….yg ptg ingredients dier – (ader dried strawberries, pineapples, green apples n peaches)…mmm, tu yg buat ayam ni rasa msm manis gitu!