Mini Faux Cakes For Aqiqah and Cukur Jambul

14 05 2010

Salam and hi to all, I’m back to blogging and baking mode again!! Spending almost a week with mom, dad, and all my dearest especially with my sis’s new baby – Aisyah Farisah makes my days there fulfill with sweet memories which lasting only for a short time! All the moments that reminds me of a magical time or a happy memory together with my love ones.

Main actor and actress on their big day ………….the sleeping beauty – Aisyah Farisah  and his cute chubby bro – Muhd Faris

I realize that when planning a trip back to my hometown this time, I could feel that I am the busiest person with my mom, the best actresses awarded in the kitchen, hahaha……planned everything from the main dish, side dishes, desserts inclusive the door gifts! And of course I done my job here in shah alam before departure to ensure my faux cakes completed within 3 days! Alhamdulillah, all the gifts completed for that big day – Aqiqah and Cukur Jambul,……landed safely from KL to Kch as a compliment from us to all the guest.

It’s so fragile……packed with cares before departure!

Safely landed journey…Pandan, red velvet and black forest mini cakes packed in small transparent boxes as a special gift for them….

Nice to see, nice to hold, consider not to eat!!….

Rewang time! here are my super grannies…..before the ceremony begins……

Behind the scenes……

Faux cakes…..

26 04 2010

As Salam and Hi to all…….it’s only another Monday again… last weekend was fulfill to complete these task……….i bought dozens of sponges and another bottle of coloring early in the morning after sending my daughter to school last Saturday, just to create all these faux cakes for my sista’s baby shower! I do really love and enjoy doing this even you have to spend hours coloring and frosting all the mini cakes!! And Alhamdulillah today, i completed all the 30pcs blackforest and pandan mini faux cakes in my messy ‘lab’ – no cooking, no laundry and no cleaning!! Fuhhhhh!….. Look so tempted with red cherries on each toppings!

anyone????? after drying process…………they’ll be in the cages soon!

Creamy frosting cherries huh!

Faux Cakes as a perfect gift….

24 03 2010

Hiyeee….for almost a week I miss my blogging, just peeping in the fb and for sure having great holidays with my soul partners! ….Fuhhhh…quite bz lately dears! And one of the most important thing, I miss my bf big day, MEL!……Congratulation! So sorry I can’t afford anything for u on that day, huhuhu…At last, you found your soul mate, what a hard final decision to make…hikhikhik….Back to my recent activities….I’m still eager in making faux cakes……..Honestly, I do love English style decoration and still bear in mind to re-decorate just a little space in my home to display these mini cakes.  I keep on trying and trying to get the best faux cake and will continue to make faux bun, doughnut and ice-cream one day, Insyaallah.  And here are the latest product from CS for last few days with no napping at midday, no gardening and no special dishes, except these for viewing…..the mini tiny cutie cakes…hahaha…

Faux cake is not just an ordinary display item but also a one step closer to your dream wedding or celebration door gift! Why not? It wouldn’t melt even it fully covered with creamy chocolates, it wouldn’t rotten or faded for years and even spoiled during a long journey! hahaha…..ain’t it good enough as your perfect gift???

My First Faux cake and cupcakes

18 03 2010

All seems nice to have…look so tasty, sweet enough huh! Can all be eaten??…

and how about this dark choc cake???

Hahaha…..this is my new adventure….latest activity…Faux cakes!!! Faux (in france) means fake or ‘palsu’. What a precious searched…..-Kak Syida! Alhamdulillah! I can do it! I can do it! Even it doesn’t touch-up neatly, i really-really enjoy this……

Though we don’t have these series of faux cake sold outside, we can still embrace the spirit of this upbeat season among the bakers in Malaysia, i guess! Nice to see, nice to hold, but it considered not to eat! hahaha….So i don’t wanna miss it! Thank you to kak syida…..and i just want to share with readers, these faux cake is really  an enjoyable activity especially for english-deco lovers!   Practices makes perfect…..i’m going to continue the stories behind the scenes….be patient! Just wait for my updates…

– A dark choc with cherry topper faux cake….

– A strawberry with jelly beans faux cupcake…

– Bunny peach faux cupcake…..