Sayonara PSS……..

23 11 2010

Hari Raya Aidiladha is just around the time when I received this sweet voice, full of hopes called, ordered 100pcs muffins with deco for the next day!! Arrgghhh….can I??? My time is really limited, fully booked with layered cakes orders for Hari Raya and engagement gifts! Yes!!  With full strength from Allah and a late sleep at 3, at last all hundreds completely pinkish decorated and packed….TQVM to Mrs. Hazira (SKAMD) for the orders and Alhamdulillah, she really amazed and thankful for the lovely urgent muffins!

Simple in pink deco……so sorry Hazira, this is the best I can do for the urgent orders…hihihi


Muffins transformed into cuppies huh!


Mission completed! zzzzz…….



3 11 2010

Salam and hi to all…..miss me??? It’s been quite a long silence huh! I really miss my blogging, my writing and sharing my stories…..I do have many2 things to share, many2 stories to tell but seriously… brain jammed!!! hahaha…..I’ve did it before and I don’t know where to start….and luckily I still remember the password!

As always, my days full with the routine job and of course, the most important thing in my life is to make all ‘my housemates’ feel comfortable, good caring, good health and good food….!

Numbers of  posting are pending and alhamdulillah, today I’ll keep in touch with Hari Raya Aidilfitri memories last Sept….and TQVM to my aggressive agents for all the the good job and effort with LAYERED CAKES HOT SALES!

Not for sale! Samples for free….anyone?

Packing time!

Really need full strength to do these! Packing & packing!


Freezzzzedd!!!!!! ready for delivery……….

Upon successful delivery….My kids and i flown to Kch, leaving my other half lonely facing another few days fasting and counting the days to celebrate Hari Raya!! Yeaahh……..

(***To Mr.asben: just wanna to thank u for your support, looking after our diamonds and accompany me when I’m a nitebaker!!  Mmmuuuaaahh!!)

A Family Getaway…..

18 06 2010

Planning a budget trip for the family might not be as hard as u think. All u need are some patience, time and resourcefulness…As for me, to hang on the apron and close the ‘lab’ for a few days during the school holidays takes just a few minutes to think…..with good schedule and arrangement will  help u to stop ur routine and pamper urself! I knew that bakers out there might have a tight schedule to cope with weddings, parties and many more activities……..and of course it earn a lot!

Here are 4 easy steps on how u can plan an ideal budget for the whole family, it’s really save!

1. Travel to Local Destination

We are lucky for Malaysia is blessed with a myriad of beautiful holiday destinations. It helps our local economy out and spends in to local destination! Not only significantly cheaper than traveling overseas, it also require a shorter travel time, especially for those with young children…even myself had a difficulties to stop them from keep on mumbling and asking….are we there yet? Are we there yet? How long do we have to reach there? hihihi…..

2. Bring everything U need (Save-travel mini sizes pack)

Make a list of things u need to bring along in case u forget, especially toiletries. It might cost u a fair bit to buy at travel destinations.  Make sure u just brings only necessary and suitable costume for all there!

3. Eat Cheap!

This is the best part for me when we had a holiday journey! Whatever it is, I prefer to cook my own simple meals like sandwiches, self-made nuggets or ready made nuggets, burgers, fried chickens, healthy snacks such as peanuts with raisins and most important thing I would pack together is my ‘little fridge’ – Mr. cooler (this is one of the tip to move my kids attention from quarrelling and mumbling – having a cool and nice drinks during the trip!…hahaha)… It is more comfortable for me to bring plain waters than buy it from the petrol stations along the highway. For sure homemade food is safer, cleaner and of cz better food, and perhaps we just have to eat outside on the 2nd day at the hotel area.

4. Cut down On Souvenirs

You don’t need to get a gift for everyone in the office or neighbours when u travel… Identify those whom u really want to give ur thanks to for watering ur plants, holding the fort at the office when u’re on vacation or drove u to the airport! Buy souvenirs in bulk for a better price.

………Assure u a stress-free, fun-filled holiday for everyone especially to ur family