Oh My Mini Cakes……

29 06 2010

Mini Cakes seems keep popping up again and again and when it becomes a trend, I got so many ideas to try! To whom are really crazy in baking, you need  to give a try and I’m sure your imagination can provide you with many different things, creative ideas and designs to decorate these little treasures…hahaha….Many brides have chosen these mini cakes for their hantaran, VIP’s and guest gifts and also for their centerpieces. There is no right or wrong way for wedding cakes either! They are beautiful displays and just wait for more updates with details and prices in mini cakes collection! Here are new collections for hantaran and VIPs door gift proposal to couples from Selangor ( Serena & Yannah)…..the 2 tiers still in progress dears!

Hearty mini cake with ribbon roses in green theme….

Still deco-art on heart shapes, turquoise blue theme with white leafy fences!

Come to different shape – cubic in peach!




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