It’s My Best Friend Wed!…….

18 06 2010

I do really miss my blogging updates…huhuhu…..Having tight schedule during these school holidays makes my life quite miserable……a little bit of stress actually, but Alhamdulillah, with doa and rippling laughter’s from both the kiddos at home…..all comes into one…..calmness, cool, love and all looks good…yea! yea!

Back to my best friend wed, Mel……June 12 is your first chapter to move into…..and I’m honored to gave u something on your big day…….what else I should  give u then! Even it was only a piece of cake; it was well mixed from my little heart full of joy n happiness and of course my mission is to do the best for her….’s my first 2 tiers cake for hantaran! Hope the cake had a safe journey to Kedah!….hehehe…

I’m just wondering how these 2 tiers could be after a long journey to Jitra……

“May ur heart be happy & ur days be bright,
May ur roads be smooth & ur burdens be light…,
May u find the dreams & touch the stars & never forget how…,
And ALLAH Bless u forever my dear friend till now….”

Chronology of the cake….

8.30 am ~ 10.30 am:

1st tier, completed within 2 hrs.  Just imagine how do I piled up the 2nd stage…..huhuhu…

10.30a.m ~ 12.30 pm:

Task completed. Alhamdulillah…..2nd tier is on the top now…..

Top view with beads and gum paste ribbon roses….

Congratulation Mel & Din……




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