Anniversary Cake For Asma…

14 05 2010

It had been scheduled before the short trip! Received an online order and upon confirmation, this layer cake baked specially for Asma which delivered on time for her anniversary and mother’s day!!! What a great day…..

Guess how it looks like???

I do really enjoy decorating this cake, it’s true what my mom always say, you’ll ended your food with a delicate and great taste when you bake it sincerely with a joyful, calmness and happiness. Of course I did it better – I‘d been transported FOC to my hometown even for a short holiday!! hahaha….

Back to the main story, thank you very much to Asma for the order and my doa – May Allah bless your marriage will last forever with your loving hubby and happy family.

Masam Manis layer cake decorated with simple sugarpaste crochets

2 bright red hearts in crochery petals for Asma – as deep and bright as your love to him…hihihi….




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