Reorganize Your Kitchen

19 04 2010

Kitchen is a large part of the home and one of the easiest areas to get cluttered. All moms know how frustrating they are when unable to locate the things we need during in the midst of finishing up a dish! Don’t have enough time to do it all? Well, I do write some of great tips and quick guide you need from my reading here – Smart Tips to reorganize the kitchen – (

1. Kitchen Cabinets – make sure you have enough storage space and don’t skimp on the cabinets! It’s impossible to get thoroughly organize, just invest in a medium to large-sized cabinet that will provide enough storage space for your utensils and cutlery. Remember, the secret to a functional kitchen is proper planning and using space-saving techniques.

2. Drawers and Shelves – these places should keep enough for storing cutlery, extra reserve of cereal and other essentials. Pin up a shelf with pegs that can use to hang aprons, tongs, oven gloves and others.

3. Clear the counter – Reduce the number of objects stored permanently on the counter. It needs frequent cleaning and it is your primary workspace.

4. Grouping in to Small storage bins – Items that are seasonal or meet a special need should be relocated to a small labeled clear plastic bin or small plastic drawer unit that can be easily accessed when required.

5. Toss anything you don’t use – Just look in your shelves….how many recycle and unused tupperwares, or when did you last use the utensils? Be honest, so, pass it along to a friend or relative or the simplest way, donate it to charity.

6. Clean as you go – When you clear one drawer or shelf, wipe out the crumbs before replacing the contents. Cleaning a little at a time makes it less of a chore!

So, this what I did last weekend……a little bit of forward thinking and care can help you to maintain a clean and inviting kitchen.

– hahaha…..My fondant and faux tools, all in one, a new apartment for them! Great visit in future……




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