Oh! My Fruit Cake….

19 04 2010

Fruit cakes lovers……I really love fruit cakes, but if I baked this….it would make me in touch coz I do miss my mom, my dad, and of course my sweet hometown…..Both are fruit cake lovers!! Arrgghhh!! The aromas which make my head struggling enough to catch all the memories when my mom baked this in the kitchen…..and this is one of the must ‘center cake’ during Hari Raya. Wish I can fly and bring a piece for them right now!! hahaha……I bought a heart shape pan for a purpose to bake an anniversary cake, but cancelled in the last minute when hubby brought us to dine out that night! Thank u dear!!! And for the first time, I try to fill up my ‘new’ pan to bake a fruit cake last weekend! hmmmmmm…….

– I’m wondering the aromas been sniffed by my neighbour……she sms me just after it comes out from the oven and order this for her loving soulmate! hahaha….An implicit way of marketing!

– Mmmm…yummy! yummy!




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