Homemade healthy snack for all……

19 04 2010

Have you ever heard about healthy snack? Not just for your kids but whole of your family, friends and bla..bla..bla…What will happen if your love ones love to eat junk foods – Twisties, Mr potatoes, Ring Ring and many2 more in the stores out there? Yes! You can change the habit with a homemade healthy snack – mix nuts with raisins! …just spend your time to bake all the mix nuts in your oven since I found it was really an expensive snack to buy just for a small pack with RM7-RM8!! And the most important thing, these snacks is the best ideal super food contains vitamins, minerals and a practical alternative rather than crunching junk-foods! And good news for bride/ bridegroom to be, parents, whom still looking for any healthy budget gift for their special treats….look for the price…….

– Crunchy snacks!! Anyone??

– A way to promote your product…..give it away with your biz cards! please take one….




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