It’s all from breads……

31 03 2010

How many of you always left a few bread slices in the plastic? Either you just dump it due to expiry date or even throw it to fed fishes or tortoise in the pond as what I did before……If you’re creative enough, you can serve your family with just a twist recipe from these breads! I’m often thinking of what for breakfast during schooldays….and this is a new version of a healthy wealthy meal! Apple fruity bread pie, tasty, healthy, a delightful food to enjoy and no more wasteful activity..hahaha…– why don’t you have a try???


A: 6 breads
   1 tbsp sugar
   1 box of  UHT milk
   2 tbsp butter
   2 large eggs
   1 tsp baking  powder
B: Handful of dried mix fruits
   2 red  apples (diced)
   Mozzarella cheese
  1. Mix all ingredients in A together into a food processor or just blend it well till firm.
  2. Remove the mixture, put into a bowl & mix in the B ingredients except cheese.
  3. Stir occasionally and divide the cake mixture between the paper cases (I use ~ 8 pcs 5.5oz soufflé cups)
  4. Garnish with cheese on top of it & bake in preheated oven, 120oC till lightly brown.



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