Faux Cakes as a perfect gift….

24 03 2010

Hiyeee….for almost a week I miss my blogging, just peeping in the fb and for sure having great holidays with my soul partners! ….Fuhhhh…quite bz lately dears! And one of the most important thing, I miss my bf big day, MEL!……Congratulation! So sorry I can’t afford anything for u on that day, huhuhu…At last, you found your soul mate, what a hard final decision to make…hikhikhik….Back to my recent activities….I’m still eager in making faux cakes……..Honestly, I do love English style decoration and still bear in mind to re-decorate just a little space in my home to display these mini cakes.  I keep on trying and trying to get the best faux cake and will continue to make faux bun, doughnut and ice-cream one day, Insyaallah.  And here are the latest product from CS for last few days with no napping at midday, no gardening and no special dishes, except these for viewing…..the mini tiny cutie cakes…hahaha…

Faux cake is not just an ordinary display item but also a one step closer to your dream wedding or celebration door gift! Why not? It wouldn’t melt even it fully covered with creamy chocolates, it wouldn’t rotten or faded for years and even spoiled during a long journey! hahaha…..ain’t it good enough as your perfect gift???




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