A Power of Nap

24 03 2010

How often you take a nap……..or just nodded (moving your head down n up quickly) in fronts your pc? Hihihi….this what I did during my days in the office last few years….syyyhhhh….suddenly all seems to be so silent, no sign even your boss walked just by u! Daytime napping is rejuvenating, brings u a healthy balance to the strain of daily life, just for a minutes……..Popular opinions says, napping is for the lazy. Today, scientifically proven fact (from what I’ve read – an afternoon nap means more patience, less stress, better reaction time, increased learning, more efficiency and better health – sources: PEARL magazine Issue48)…..And how to get the best nap? I’m sure we usually get a nap only during weekend at home and here are some tips for reaping the benefits of this midday ritual:

  1. Schedule your power naps after lunch (2~3pm is the best because to take any later, it will interfere your night sleep)
  2. Eat foods high in calcium n protein an hour or two b4 nap.
  3. If you’re not lucky enough to have a private office, your parked car can work just enough.
  4. Relax n turn-off the to-do-list in your mind and let urself go in a minute.

So, you can now indulge in a power nap and make sure u didn’t get caught by your boss, get a best time n best place to do this…hahaha…




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