My First Faux cake and cupcakes

18 03 2010

All seems nice to have…look so tasty, sweet enough huh! Can all be eaten??…

and how about this dark choc cake???

Hahaha…..this is my new adventure….latest activity…Faux cakes!!! Faux (in france) means fake or ‘palsu’. What a precious searched…..-Kak Syida! Alhamdulillah! I can do it! I can do it! Even it doesn’t touch-up neatly, i really-really enjoy this……

Though we don’t have these series of faux cake sold outside, we can still embrace the spirit of this upbeat season among the bakers in Malaysia, i guess! Nice to see, nice to hold, but it considered not to eat! hahaha….So i don’t wanna miss it! Thank you to kak syida…..and i just want to share with readers, these faux cake is really  an enjoyable activity especially for english-deco lovers!   Practices makes perfect…..i’m going to continue the stories behind the scenes….be patient! Just wait for my updates…

– A dark choc with cherry topper faux cake….

– A strawberry with jelly beans faux cupcake…

– Bunny peach faux cupcake…..




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