I’m back on track……

12 03 2010

Lately i felt so stressful, catching here n there….seems all comes to one! But remember don’t ever2 put a burden to others…..Every now n then, we city slickers need to take a break from it all, means getting away from the headache routine. School holidays is coming….and hopefully i can have a short weekends with my adorable family….Talking about my biz, last nite delivered 3 rare layered cakes for wedding n engagement again. Thanks to Connie for the orders….alhamdulillah. All the cakes will drove to JB and behind the scene, there’s such a heart attacked story..hahaha…I always had a few cans of condensed milk which is one of the main ingredient for layered cakes and sometimes it went into homemade fudge.  A week before baking, i had everything in line, butter, eggs, flour and this missing in action – milk! The day of baking comes…..oh my god! all seem turn to be in silence n my heart beat stopped! It was cans of evaporated milk in my shelf! How could i miss-look at it !!!!! Huaa…huaa…..i should start by 8am to get all the 3 stooges done by 6pm! Fortunately there’s a retail shop just nearby our home…..so here are the cakes which make my day like in a sinking ship..

– 8 x 8 inches layered cakes:  masam manis & sisik ikan – packed in PVC boxes! –

– mission completed with tag n cakestories label!




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