Oreo Cheese Cake

12 03 2010

I can’t stop myself from this baking industry…..My kids will keep on asking what’s for dessert when we dine in at home even they are full! So i managed to baked a plain oreo cheesecake with my own version for dessert – no eggs, no bake….hahaha…simplify urself! Upon checking my fridge, lastly i found all the items needed – cream cheese, fresh cream, whipped cream, butter, leftover oreo biscuits  and condensed milk….expired? no, no, no…..good enough, all will dump into the bin by next year!

– Immediate pic before the ‘war’….

– a few minutes after the ‘war’……unbelieveable? Attacked by 4 of us!!!!

– hubby’s favorite…blueberry toppers…..mmmmmm….

– not bad huh! ….with kiwi toppings…..Fifi’s favor!

– and this is the ‘great tester’ whom eat all kind of favors…..yummy!!!!




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