It’s Monday….

1 03 2010

I miss my blogging updates…mmm…what should i  express today? For all muslims, with this opportunity, i would like to wish salam maulidur rasul, a historic date of the birth of the Messenger  which falls on every 12 Rabiulawal (last Friday) equivalent to 23 April 571.

Arrrggg…it’s Monday again and  i’m sure enough that i’m not alone who always facing this ‘black monday’, where it never stop coming in ur life….1. Lazy – No more committed to a beauty sleeps or connected to fb after subuh prayer….have to work out fast to get ready with breakfast, lunch boxes, school uniforms and bla, bla, …2. Bz – 2 days working off during weekends will make ur cloth-baskets full loaded for a day washing! hahaha…but I’ll always make the day good enough with happy moments with these routine job…and tq to my housekeeping ‘assistants’….-kalu x der deme nie, msti susah keje kan..kan..kan…




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