22 02 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog cz I’ve been bz spending hours with hubby & kids,  traveling , beautifying & bla bla bla….(this is one of the therapy, no matter how bz  u r, I’m sure u still need a time to pamper urself! Keep out of stress!)  and also my method of creating roses…arrggghh, i’m always not satisfied in making these roses gum paste…anyway, practices makes perfect! hmmm….what shall i start first? By d way, i’m wondering is there anyone who always waiting for my updates lately….who knows??  Doesn’t matter yes or no, i’ll keep on updating mine and share what i want to..

Back to the roses, again & again, I’d forgotten to take step by step pics for tutorials out there….I’ve added a flavor to this gum paste mix (self-made) due to un-pleasant smell from the gelatin, I guess, and it gives a good aroma then before…roses with a strawberry odour…hehehe  how could it be?? Lesson learnt: Be patient on what u r doing cz it will produce the desired result! So, just enjoy the pic…..task done!!

– Yummy!!! honestly, I would have the cupcake only without the roses becoz…

1. It is too nice to be eaten! (It is considered “technically” edible, but it is not palatable, especially when dried because it’s hard and bland – from sugarcraft)
2. Isn’t it taste too sweet? Anyone???




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