My First Sugarbox….

18 02 2010

As a beginner in this ‘fondant world’, this is what CS admired to do….a sugarbox! Planning to decorate with bunches of roses as a cake topping, CS intend to make a heart shape classic-English lace sugarbox. Using a self-made gum paste, and all applicable tools, I put myself in a deep hole full of skill, knowledge & technics which only studied from my “silent” sifu huh…internet!( semangat tgh berkobar2 beb! Actually x tau langsung nk buat cz nk g course lambat lagi…hihihi, buat aje lah labuuuu!) And alhamdulillah, Yes! my trial successfull…….x caya???

– Ni lah dier, twin lagi……dah selamat pun duduk atas kek hari tu…

– sorry…x sempat nk snap step by step, lain kali CS wat lg yerrr!




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