Haw Flakes – Halal

18 02 2010

Hi all fans out there!….How’s the holiday? Hoping u all enjoy the days with a very precious moment and for couples, either just married or engaged…”Selamat Pengantin Baru & Selamat Bertunang”..Well, CS still in the midst of preparing stuff for weddings orders for this coming school holidays. Mmm…since new pics still under construction, CS would like to share about haw flakes, or in kampung name – asam duit (ok lg tu, ader certain spesis panggil nih belacan kecik tau, hihihi..) Whatever lah, yg penting sama jer mender nye.

Haw Flakes are fillings for masam manis or sisik ikan (types of layered cakes). Might some of u are fans of layered cakes and realized that it’s quite difficult to get halal HF in bakery outlets here. I don’t no why, cz there’s billion trillion bulks of these HF in Sarawak with halal logos!…and this is the first item CS would grab when CS back. So, don’t be confused concerning halal ingredients in CS layered cakes where u should have a bite and feel the tempting cakes! (promo kaa??? hihihi)

– Haw Flakes/ Slices inside layered cake…….Very2 tempting huh!!




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