GumTex – Halal Certification? Yes!

6 02 2010

CS knew all cake lovers out there, bakers or the ‘eaters’ (who’s concern regarding halal food) will say, “alhamdulillah, ade jugak halal certificate utk mender2 nih”. Even it’s not certified by JAKIM, it’s still halal, certified by IFANCA which is a body similar to JAKIM in US. For me, as the Wilton’s user, will use this product as long as it’s HALAL. Insyaallah…

Its all started when CS gone thru all the information on how to make flowerpaste or gumpaste without any gum and just replace it with other type of edible gum sources all over bakery suppliers. I’ve been looking for these (Tragacanth, CMC -Tylose) and unfortunately, I can’t find any. Thanks to Yasmin from Baking Project, U help me enough! And today I get 1 can from BAGUS for RM39.30 and of cz CS will the start the project now….

Halal Cert by INFANCA




3 responses

9 03 2011

This certificate was valid until January 2010 – Could you please send the latest proof of certification?

16 02 2010


Can I have the copy of certificate..
I can not see clearly in your blog

Thank u

16 02 2010
Suri @ CS

Hi Dina,

Just sent to your email. Anyway thanks for visiting.


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